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We provide stand alone millwork and other services to general contractors, owners and hospitality design firms. We are committed to building relationships that last and can be relied on from both sides.test
We know what the owner is up against – open on budget.test
We know what the general contractor is up against – schedule, schedule, schedule.test
We know what the designer is up against – how to create the desired design intent without putting the owner in the poor house.test
Our goal is to make all parties involved look good, so we look Good.test
Keep the wheels spinning.


Bar None will design, manufacture and supply your front of house for a fixed cost at the time of your proposal.test
From design drawings, millwork, casework, counters, decorative metals, and furniture to decorative lights, signage, glass, feature items and specialty finishes. One price. On time. On budget.test
We believe our experience with all phases of Hospitality projects, from design, manufacture and global procurement on tight deadlines, gives us an edge that few firms can match.test
Hoteliers, Restaurateurs or Publicans can control cost, reduce time and open on schedule.